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prodTwo abuse deterrent formulation products for the treatment of chronic pain – oral and transdermal

The problem with misuse and abuse of opioids has increased over the last decades and is a major issue in the United States. By overriding the control release mechanism the release rate of the opioid increases and the abuser obtain a fast onset of euphoria and the misuser is subjected to a high risk for lethal side effects. The FDA therefore requests more tamper resistant products. One of these frequently abused opioid products is controlled release tablets containing oxycodone.

The founders of Emplicure AB have developed a geopolymer matrix for controlled release of potent drugs with high mechanical strength and good resistance against extraction in different solvents. The opioid oxycodone is during the manufacturing process incorporated in the pellets and the product can deliver a controlled release of the drug for 6 to 24 hours. The next step in the development is to perform an animal or a clinical study.

Current patches for transdermal delivery of fentanyl around-the-clock are related to increasing numbers of misuse and abuse primarily by oral ingestion, inhalation by smoking and injection after dissolution of the patch. The founders of Emplicure AB have developed a tamper resistant patch based on a geoplymer formulation where the drug is incorporated in a geopolymer matrix with high mechanical strength and resistance against extraction in different solvents. The next step for this product is further development and optimization of the adhesive matrix. In order to show the proof of concept and Emplicure is planning for an in-vivo study.

Micro-needle patch for drug delivery
The founders of Emplicure have developed a product for fast deliver of potent drugs with improved performance compared to current products, such as painless and easy drug administration, short time until effect. The product is based on a microneedle technology using self-setting bioceramics, developed to give painless administration and fast plasma concentrations, almost like an intravenous injection. A preclinical study has been performed and the next step in the development will, after further optimization of the formulation, be a clinical study .

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