Utilizing synergies from product development on joint administration platforms

Emplicure is a group of companies active in the pharmaceutical and consumer sectors. We develop a new generation of products by combining existing and approved substances with proprietary biomaterial technologies. This allows for better efficiency, shorter project times, and minimized risk.

Emplicure develops pharmaceuticals for better treatment of symptoms or diseases through new patent protected products based on knowledge about the medical unmet need, materials science, pharmacology, composition of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), and the effects of the same.

Amplicon, a wholly owned subsidiary, was formed to leverage the bioceramic technology platforms in a strategic direction. Amplicon focus on the development of consumer products. The proprietary bioceramic platform offers great potential to develop unique products administered through inhalation, the oral mucosa/swallowing, or transdermal, which led the way to building a business area of consumer products to maximize opportunities of the bioceramic platforms.



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