At EMPLICURE, we are pioneering the future of nicotine. Our mission is to set a new standard in nicotine consumption by offering premium, less harmful nicotine pouches and cessation solutions to adult nicotine consumers. We are committed to revolutionizing the way adult nicotine consumers engage with less harmful alternatives, steering them towards far less harmful options like nicotine pouches over cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

Our innovative bioceramic nicotine technology offers controlled and faster release, allowing users to enjoy the nicotine experience they seek with less nicotine, all without inhaling harmful substances.

We are creating a future where nicotine consumption is both enjoyable and significantly less harmful. Our dedication to innovation drives us to continuously refine our products, ensuring they align with the evolving needs of our consumers. We prioritize integrity, quality, and a consumer-centric approach, creating products that not only satisfy but also promote better health outcomes.

Emplicure is independent, 100% big tobacco free, and based in Uppsala, Sweden.

The Consumer Division of Emplicure focuses on the development and distribution of our nicotine pouch brand KLAR©.

KLAR© nicotine pouches are based on our patented next-generation bioceramic technology, designed for faster release and a discreet format, providing a premium experience that aligns with our vision of pioneering the future of nicotine consumption.

The Pharma Division of Emplicure is dedicated to developing solutions for consumers who are looking to quit tobacco and nicotine. Leveraging our unique and patented bioceramic innovations, we create products that support individuals in their journey to a tobacco- and nicotine-free life.

Our mission is to provide effective, science-based solutions that align with our overarching goal of reducing the harm associated with tobacco consumption and promoting better health outcomes.

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