Bioceramic innovation for better living

Emplicure uses patented bioceramic technology to develop innovative and effective products to help consumers and patients live better lives.

Our consumer division, Amplicon, makes tiny, long-lasting and flavorful nicotine pouches that can be an alternative to smoking.

Our pharmaceutical division, Emplipharm, develops safer and tamper-resistant treatments for pain.


Our bioceramic platform makes our tiny, flavor-packed and long-lasting nicotine pouches more satisfying, letting consumers feel more liberated. ​Together with partners,​ we intend to help millions ​of smokers switch to oral nicotine punches.


We are developing an oral, buccal tablet that delivers buprenorphine with properties that counteract abuse. We are advancing formulation development to increase the initial release profile of buprenorphine after the exploratory pharmacokinetic study of Empli03 showed a steady extended release.


Patent families





Technology for improved experiences

Our products target large and growing markets or significant unmet medical needs.

Our two business areas advance innovative products based on our patented bioceramic platforms and existing and approved molecules and pharmaceutical ingredients.

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