The Nomination Committee for the 2023 AGM is:

Thomas Lundqvist
Henrik Didner, for Monesi Förvaltnings AB
Peyman Pournouri
Gisela Sitbon (Chairman of the Board of Directors, Emplicure AB)
The Nomination Committee represents 47.7% of the votes in Emplicure.

The shores of the Nomination Committee:

Principles for Nomination Committee for the annual general shareholders meeting (AGM) in June 2023. The AGM 2022 voted in accordance with the proposed principles from the Board of Directors. The Nomination Committee shall consist of three representatives nominated by the three largest shareholders per the last bank-day in September, as well as the Chairman of the Board. The Chairman of the Board shall also be Chairman of the Nomination Committee, unless the NC unanimously appoints another delegate to Chair of the Committee.

The Nomination Committee shall, in short, prepare suggestions for the following to the AGM:

  • Election of Board of Directors (BoD)
  • Election of av Chairman of the Board
  • Resolution regarding number of auditors and auditor election
  • Remunerations for the BoD and the auditors
  • Principles that shall apply to the composition and work of the nomination committee for the next AGM

Primary contact for the Nomination Committee

Proposals by shareholders to the Nomination Committee may be submitted to the Chairman of the Board of Emplicure AB, Gisela Sitbon (

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