Third Quarter 2021

Torbjörn CEO

Following this summer’s new share issue and subsequent IPO, we are well equipped. The focus of the third quarter has been on shifting up and driving the development of the company’s two main projects; Empli03, our drug candidate for chronic pain, and our oral tobacco-free nicotine product in the form of dry, white nicotine pouches as a consumer product. Both projects are developed on our own bioceramic and patented technologies and platforms.

The period has been defined by high activity with many external contacts with potential partners in, among other things, contract manufacturing of Empli03. The internal work of taking Empli03 into clinical phase is in full progress. We are very satisfied with the chemical formulation we now are ready to transfer to a contract manufacturer for the manufacture of drugs for clinical trials. Another positive result of the ongoing development work is that we see more and more examples of the scalability and versatility of our bioceramic platforms. We also see that the release profile of Empli03 can fill a great medical need. The tablet provides an immediate release of active substance to make the patient pain-free and then a significantly lower, but constant and stable release over time for the patient to remain pain-free.

Anna Franzén has been recruited as Sr Manager Clinical Projects. Anna holds a PhD in Pharmaceutical Life Sciences. Her recruitment is part of the plan to have an effective clinical interface at an early stage in our development phase. Anna will initially focus on the clinical work ahead with Empli03.

Our wholly owned subsidiary Amplicon is in discussions with several international nicotine companies. At the same time, we drive product development further to load our offer with both increased value and a higher price tag. As a result, at the time of writing, we are recruiting

The focus of the third quarter has been on shifting up and driving the development of Emplicure’s two main projects.

a development person to work on our nicotine projects full time. We have also expanded our premises with another laboratory to be able to work separately and efficiently with the various substances in our main projects.

Despite times of pandemics and new out- breaks, we believe that we are well equipped. We have a strong and diversified pipeline with both pharmaceuticals and consumer products under development to balance changes in our environment and still be able to continue our growth journey.

I look forward to entering the next phase in the development of our products and platforms and to clinically test them for the first time. It will be an exciting new step and I look forward to leading this work and to being able to report new and positive data from there.

In the meantime, I would like to wish everyone who reads this a really nice end to the fall and a wonderful winter.

Torbjörn W. Larsson, CEO


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