4th Quarter 2022


I am pleased to report that over the past few months we have advanced several projects that are fundamental to the development of Emplicure.

During the period, we kept working on freee™, which is a new generation of products for the rapidly growing worldwide market for nicotine pouches. We focused our efforts on formulation and preparing to scale production. We believe freee ™ can be an attractive consumer product and a compelling alternative to smoking, because it is tiny and full of flavor.

Formulation development

After the close of the fourth quarter, we announced that we will move forward with formulation development to adapt the initial release profile of buprenorphine in Empli03. We took this pivotal decision after the final results from our exploratory pharmacokinetic st udy last quarter showed a steady extended release profile.

These results validate that our ceramic platform is a potent tool for controlled release of buprenorphine and give us the confidence to proceed with formulation development. We will continue to work diligently to develop this formulation for the treatment of moderate to severe chronic pain. With our platform, we are confident that we can create a differentiated and meaningful product.

Cooperation with OnDosis

Emplicure strives to contribute to safer pain treatment and to inhibit opioid abuse. That’s why we were also pleased to share the news last month that Emplicure is cooperating with OnDosis to evaluate potential solutions for oral delivery of active ingredients. This collaboration is based on our core competencies in formulation and dosing, and will let us create innovative treatments. We are encouraged that this joint effort sets us on the path to ensure safer medicine.

Strategic progress

During the latest quarter, Emplicure entered into an agreement with a consortium made up of new and existing shareholders through which we took up a loan of 9.0 MSEK. To sum up, we are very enthusiastic about the projects that we are undertaking and the advances for our company, which leverages its own bioceramic technology to help patients and consumers live better lives. We remain committed to continuing our strategic progress in the coming quarters. Thank you for your support.

Håkan Engqvist, CEO

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