Empli03 is an oral buccal tablet with extended release for the treatment of chronic pain. It aims to reduce the risk for opioid abuse and addiction.

Chronic pain is a growing global health issue. In the US, as many as 20% of the population is estimated to suffer from chronic pain and needs longterm pain relief. Widespread chronic pain is associated with high costs for society and patients. Opioids are, and will continue to be, an important class of treatments for moderate to severe chronic pain.

Reduced risk

Empli03 is being developed as an oral buccal tablet for chronic pain. It can reduce the risk of abuse by achieving stable pain relief, improved controlled release and by resisting manipulation by  mechanical impact. The patient simply places Empli03 under the upper lip for up to several hours, and can end the treatment by simply removing the tablet.



Amp01 targets the tobacco-free dry oral nicotine pouches market.

Dry, white, tobacco-free oral nicotine pouches contribute to the rapid growth in the market for nicotine pouches, due to a sharp increase in health awareness that creates interest in nicotine products that are not heated or inhaled.

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